+Bea;; You call me a bitch like it's a bad thing. You call me a freak like that means something.


Well the conversation could still go two ways, but i think we’re in a good route.

You never know. I could turn out to be a manipulative little bitch.


Rebellious; I like it. The name’s Travis, and keep your phone close by.


Well, it’s wonderful to meet you, Travis. Oh, I’ll definitely keep my phone nearby for you.


Well, aren’t you smooth? I’m Evelyn, but you can call me Ev.


The smoothest. I think for right now, I’d rather call you Evelyn for now. Ev seems too friendly for just meeting.


I’m Ryan and I don’t know how to respond to all of that.


Pleasure to meetcha, Ryan. Yeah, sometimes I’m told I’m a bit much.


You used two different kinds of pick up lines in one introduction.. I like you already. I’m Willow, pleasure.

The pleasure’s all mine, Willow. I have a feeling I’ll like you as well.

My parents always told me never to talk to strangers. Guess I’m breaking that rule today. What’s up, I’m Beatrice, but you can call me later. Just kidding, call me Bea.

Title: UnknownThat's What You Get
Artist: UnknownParamore
Album: UnknownRiot!
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that’s what you get // paramore

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